Your voyage will first take you on a southerly course to the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. There you will be able to take aboard fresh water, meat, fruits and other supplies

PART ONE: MAPS... You must become familiar with maps and how to read them.

PART TWO: NAVIGATION... Your must also learn something about how ships navigate when they are out of sight of land. In this section you can learn about three important instruments: The Compass, the Astrolabe, and the Traverse Board.

PART THREE: CHARTING A COURSE... When you are ready, it will be time to sail. Your trip will be long and dangerous. You will need to keep a Ship's Log to record the voyage.

A set of documents (ACTIVITY SHEETS) has been prepared to assist you. They are located in the Resources section above. Do not proceed without them.

Original Painting by Mike Haywood - By Permission

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