You have reached the Shores of Virginia.

PART ONE: THE SEALED BOX... Inside is a list of those who will form the Leadership Council and make the critical decisions for the colony. There will also be a List of Instructions for the Colonists from the Virginia Company. This will include detailed directions for locating your colony, working, dealing with native people, and surviving. Pay close attention to its counsel.

PART TWO: THE ADVENTURERS... Not everyone will decide to stay in Virginia. You and others who do are from different backgrounds: laborers, artisans, and Gentlemen. How will you all get along? Find out more about your fello-Adventurers in this section.

PART THREE: THE INSTRUCTIONS... Here you can examine more carefully the Instructions left you by the Virginia Company.


A set of documents (ACTIVITY SHEETS) has been prepared to assist you with these tasks. They are located in the Resources section above. Do not proceed without them.

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