from England toVirginia, without provisions necessary to sustaine themselves, hath greatly hindred the Progresse of that noble Plantation: For prevention of the like disorders heerafter, that no man suffer, either through ignorance or misinformation; it is thought requisite to publish this short declaration: wherein is contained a particular of such necessaries, as either privat families or single persons shall have cause to furnish themselves with, for their better support at their first landing in Virginia; whereby also greater numbers may receive in part, directions how to provide themselves.

(Apparrell for one man, and aso after the rate for more.)

Victuall. (For a whole yeere for one man, and so for more after the rate)

Armes. For one man, but if halfe of your men have armour it is sufficient. So that all have Peeces and swords)

Tooles. (For a family of 6, persons and so after the rate for more)

Household Implements. (For a family of 6 persons, and so for more or lesse after the rate)

For Suger, Spice, and fruit, and at Sea for 6 men -- 00.12.06

So the full charge of Apparrell, Victuall, Armes, Tooles, and household stuffe, and after this rate for each person, will amount unto about the summe of 12.10.00 (li.s.d.)
The passage of each man is 06.00.00
The fraight of these provisions for a man, will bee about halfe a Tun, which is 01.10.00
So the whole charge will amount to about 20.00.00

Nets, hookes, lines, and a tent must be added, if the number of people be greater, as also some kine.
And this is the usual proportion that the Virginia Company do bestow upon their Tenants which they send.

Whosoever transports himselfe or any other at his owne charge unto Virignia shall for each person so transported before Midsommer 1625 have to him and his heirs for ever fifty Acres of Land upon a first, and fifty Acres upon a second division.


From Edward Waterhouse. A declaration of the state of the colony and affaires in Virginia. G. Eld. For Robert Mylbourne: London, 1622. Special Collections, Alderman Library, University of Virginia.