Aquavitae: alcohol used as medicine

Bandaleere: bandolier; a soldier’s belt used to carry cartridges

Bushel: 8 gallons

Canarie Sack: bottled red wine (Spanish style from the Canary Islands)

Currants: raisins

Ells: an old measurement equal to 45 inches

Falling bands: plain, broad, linen collars that turned down over a jacket

Frize: heavy woolen material, fuzzy on one side

Frove: a wedge-shaped tool for splitting wood

Gammons: hams

Garters: bands used to keep stockings and pant legs in place

Gimblet: a small boring tool

Hand-bil: a curved blade or knife for clearing brush, wordworking, or other tasks

Howes: hoes

Monmouth Cap: knitted woolen cap

Neat: any member of the cow family

Pale: a wood section of a palisade wall

Peece, piece: firearm or musket

Percer: a tool for starting holes in wood or metal

Points: cords used to lace up clothing

Victuall: food

Waste-coate: similar to a vest