1607 ~ Journey to Jamestown was a labor of love and frustration. My goal is to share with fellow teachers my love of history and some strategies I have used successfully in my classroom to make Internet Projects workable for students and manageable for teachers. I designed the activities with my own class in mind: an eclectic mix of English-Language Learners (60%), Struggling Readers (40%), GATE students (a couple), and everything else in some part! Welcome to California’s Border Region!

In Journey to Jamestown I made a real effort to provide you with workable lessons and student activities. Look over the website before you begin. Download the Student Packets. Perhaps you already do something in your class that helps your students interact with internet and text content. Keep doing it! If the Activities I provide work… add them to your arsenal of classroom strategies.


Developing students who are self-directed learners remains a challenge. Part of the answer for me has been to scaffold Internet content. I do this with Activity Sheets that are custom-made to go with a site, such as Journey to Jamestown. While these activities may not be as open-ended as a Webquest (for example), they do help my students slow down and interact with the information and content. Sometimes just recording key information from a webpage is a needed skill.

I love to hear from teachers who face the same kinds of decisions I do every day. What works for your students? What doesn’t? What helps? What is a waste of time? Feel free to write me at khamilto@cvesd.k12.ca.us


Robert Deason (my husband…still!) He spent countless hours on the interactive graphics that accompanied Load Your Ship and The Crossing. He created the models for the Navigation Instruments, and even traveled to Jamestown for a week with me during the summer of 2005. He became full partner in the entire project. And he roasts and brews excellent coffee!

The 2005 Colonial Williamsburg Teacher Institute (CWTI) and Staff ~ If you are a classroom teacher contact them about this week-long experience. It will be one that will change your teaching and perspective on citizenship forever.

The generous donors who provided this opportunity to 26 San Diego teachers in 2005 and have done so for more than 15 years. The support and encouragement they gave to us made everything else possible.

My fellow-teachers and leaders at CWTI. What a phenomenal group of individuals. I was privileged to be among you.


In 1999 I authored the website Midnight Rider: A Paul Revere Virtual Museum. A dominating concern then was quick download time. I fully admit that this time I gave in to the lure of interactivity…. And memory-demanding graphics. If you attended the San Diego Williamsburg Convocation or California History-Social Science Conference, you may be theproud owner of a CD. This will help tremendously with download times. Just load it onto your fileserver and open it with your browser. Graphics will load almost instantly and you’re on your way.

1607 ~ Journey to Jamestown was created with FREEWAY PRO. This is MacIntosh-based web design program from an English company, SoftPress. If you have not yet ventured into the realm of website design, this may be the program for you. It’s fairly intuitive, and does not require any HTML coding. Images on the site were developed with Deneba Canvas 9 and Adobe Image Ready.

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